Pure Poetry

extract from....Partners                                              

Pit Ponies

As she hovers with precision,
she is torn with indecision,
Answer duty or her silent master’s plea?
Honest heart is beating faster.
Worried eyes flick to her master
for a signal that will seal this last decree.

Grave reality is dawning
and with one last stand of warning,
Creamy leaves the sheep and darts to where he lies.
Gentle creature, mild and meek,
softly kisses stubbled cheek
and pauses briefly for a moment of goodbyes.

Then her duty makes its calling
and with twilight shadows falling,
faithful dog has been forgotten in the fray.
Resolution never folding,
she is holding, ever holding,
as she waits for precious partner far away…

extract from....The Tractor Factor (the town asked me to drive it in their Annual Parade)

The Tractor Factor

...Things were goin' quite O.K., almost nearly there,
when I hit the wombat crossing and went flyin' through the air!
And the thing became possessed and in a frenzy and a fever,
It bolted like a nervous horse, with me astride some lever!

Well, the Country Women's Float was standin' solid in the road
and despite my yells and warnings, well the damn thing got K.O.'d!
And the ladies of society, from upper echelons,
were wearing strawberry jam and cream and fresh baked buttered scones.

I hit the French Patisserie. It's now a Pancake shop.
The slasher's into overdrive! It’s got a Turbo Prop!
I wiped the local brothel out, six naked ladies ducked.
I went through someone’s poultry shed. The chooks all came out plucked!...

extract from....Angels on Horseback (teaching criminals to ride)

Pit Ponies

...Over boulders and tap roots, all fairly low flying,
with Scarface in front and the pace horrifying!
He was riding with eyes shut, not even a blink,
and I swear that the mare that he rode gave a wink
as she bounded and bolted to get to the top
and the swearing he did didn't help make her stop...

From the Mexican saddle, the one big and brawny,
I tell you this much, he was no longer horny.
His voice it was barely an audible 'squeak'
and he looked like he wouldn't sit down for a week...


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