Compere, Guest Speaker, Entertainer, Commission Writer & Broadcaster

Carol Heuchan (pronounced 'Hugh Can') lives in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Up until about ten years ago, Carol taught riding, competed intensively with her show horses and judged throughout Australia and internationally.

Her first book 'Horseplay' in 2003 led her to the world of Bush Poetry and success followed success. With literally swags of awards under her belt, and a variety of professional roles to fulfil, she now dashes from venue to venue,  engagement to engagement and even country to country!

Fifth Successful  International Tour  - U.S. 2014 and US TV Interview

Double Gold at Tamworth 2013

Carol's latest Themed Album "Partners" won Australian Bush Laureate Album of the Year. The title track won Recording of the Year.

Carol appeared on TV (ABC Channel 2) in the first episode of a six part series called "Bush Slam" hosted by H.G. Nelson. the series has been shown several times on prime time national  television. The ABC has a book of the series.

In 2004, Carol won the richest prize in poetry history - a Case JX55 Tractor valued at $34,000.00! Four top selling books to date, four award winning CD's and nine Australian Bush Laureate awards are to her credit, including 'Performer of the Year'.

Doris Daley (U.S. Academy of Western Arts, Music, Poetry Performer of the Year) says: "Carol, you are better than Shiraz, better than shrimp on the barbie, FAR better than Mr. C. Dundee. You are Australia's greatest export, best secret weapon. You brought sparkle, beauty, class and humour to every stage you were on and every room you were in…"

Carol travels extensively to a variety of functions and is acknowledged as one of the foremost writers and performers in Australia.

Carol's Bio